Where can I get a pint?


Our community is facing a major crisis right now, and you can be part of the solution! Every day, in restaurants and pubs all around the area, craft beer is being poured into glasses (hopefully not chilled ones, I’m looking at you Bar Louie) and nobody is saying a word. Tap lists are rarely online, and the ones that are seem to get updated only after it has become obsolete. As much as I would like to spend every day searching for craft beer in local pubs/restaurants, it’s nearly impossible to do. With that being said, I need to ask a favor of all my blog readers in South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and surrounding areas. Whenever you are at a restaurant/pub that sells craft beer, take a picture of their tap list or just write them down (although pictures are way more cool) and send them to the below email address. The two I try to keep up with regularly are Fiddler’s Hearth and The Mark Dine and Tap, but even those places let a few slip by me. So if you would like to put an end to this beer crisis, please send tap lists, pictures or just “Hey, they have Beer X on tap at such-and-such place,” to [email protected] I’ll keep all tipsters anonymous. Here is a list of examples of places that serve craft beer but don’t put their menu online. The Pub (On Cleveland Road) The Mark Dine and Tap Bar Louie Chubby Trout Etc, Etc, Etc


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