South Bend Brewfest in October


This has been in the works now for a few months, and I’m finally permitted to release this info to the masses!

Indiana Beer, one of the local beer distributors, is putting on a brewfest at the Century Center called “South Bend Brewfest.” Details are still being worked on, however below is some information for you to save the date with.

Date: October 22nd, 12-4pm. This is the same day as the ND-USC game, which is a night game, starting at 8pm.

Location: Century Center, on the island unless weather is poor, then it will be held in the atrium.

Breweries: The typical breweries that Indiana Beer distributes should be there, including New Holland, Sierra Nevada, Goose Island, Figure 8, Shoreline, Southern Tier, along with a bunch of independent breweries and one of my favorite up-and-coming breweries; Barehands. In addition to those, they anticipate having a few from other distributors, including Bell’s, Founders and Dark Horse.

Tickets and pricing is not available at this time, however keep checking back for more information!


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