Silver Beach Pizza Tap List (Saint Joseph, MI)


Sorry for the spattering of updates lately, I’ve been in contact with places for the first time, and wanted to get their tap list up right away. One such place is Silver Beach Pizza. Based on rave reviews, I stopped by on Friday for dinner and a pint, but much to my dismay, the entire parking lot was full, and there was a hoard of people standing outside. If this wasn’t a family dinner, I may consider hanging out, or hoping to find a spot at the bar, but it wasn’t to be. Anyhow, not only am I told the menu is incredible, but they also tend to have a respectable lineup. Maybe I’ll take a late lunch / early dinner one of these days and avoid the rush.

Founders – All Day IPA (Perfect for a day at the beach, in my opinion)
Bell’s – Oberon
Greenbush – Sunspot

They also have the more pedestrian stuff (Guinness, Harp, etc), but I am told they will be installing 4 more taps in the next two weeks, which is great news!

Stay tuned for future tap list updates at Silver Beach Pizza!


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