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Saturday Beer Recap (Part 2, The Mark)

After dinner at Corndance, it was only 6:30 and the night was still just beginning. We decided to stop by The Mark for a drink and see what’s new. As usual, they had a pretty solid lineup. I chose the Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, and I would not be disappointed. Even though there is a bottle sitting in my refrigerator, I hadn’t tried it yet. This is a rich Imperial Stout and as the name suggests, has a huge chocolate component to it. I took my time enjoying this delicious brew while my wife had an Upland Preservation Pils, which I thought she would enjoy even though I did not. Not surprisingly, I was wrong, and she didn’t like it. The bartender was really cool, I don’t recall his name, but we talked beer for a little while and he let me sample Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (ESB) on nitro, and He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA (Rye IPA), both of which were tasty. I probably would have had a glass of either one, however quite uncharacteristic of The Mark, there was a seemingly hammered wino who couldn’t control the volume of his own voice. This guy was way too annoying to ignore, going on and on about horse racing and betting, so we paid our tab and headed to the next bar. Before leaving, the bartender mentioned that they would be putting Sam Adams East West Kolsch on soon, as well as New Holland’s Farmhouse Hatter. If you haven’t been to The Mark yet, I highly recommend it. Their food and service is really good, and their craft beer selection is usually the best and most diverse in the South Bend area.

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