Pennsylvania Brew Co. Penn Weizen


Style: Bavarian-style wheat
Brewery: Pennsylvania Brew Co
Package: Bottle into Glass
ABV: 4%
Gravity: Unknown
IBU: Unknown
Location: Beer of the Month Club

Aroma: A nice bready aroma with light citrus

Appearance: Golden wheat colored and hazy with a frothy white head

Taste: Lightly toasted malt, bread, crackers, with hints of citrus and clove. A bit of tang also comes through on this

Mouthfeel: Nice light feeling with good carbonation, and no alcohol burn at all

Overall: Great light weizen and very smooth. At 4%, this would be very refreshing on a hot summer day

Notes: I know, I know, I’m totally using the wrong glass for this. I don’t actually own a weizen glass, just the bruges glass pictured and a ton of pint glasses. What I like about my bruges glass (available at Crate and Barrel) is that it’s 16oz, which fits an entire 12oz bottle and a healthy head. Anyway, back to the beer… This is my first beer from Penn Brew Co, as well as from Clubs of America, which turned out to be a great first impression from both. This was a really solid beer, something I would be open to picking up from my local bottle shop on occasion if they had it, but it isn’t available in this area. This brew has also won numerous awards in the craft beer community, most notably the Gold medal in 2000 at the Great American Beer Festival.


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