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Labels: All Greenbush Edition. Also: Bottles Soon?

The picture you see to the right was posted to Greenbush Brewing Co.’s Facebook page yesterday. What you’re seeing there appears to be a pallet chock full of empty bottles. Might they be ready to bottle their tasty brews? Surely it means they’re at least getting closer.

You could say that their recent rash of label submissions and subsequent approvals might be another indicator. Could we soon be finding familiars such as Closure and Distorter or newcomers like Mammoth and Delusion in bottles?

Count ’em: 8 new label approvals in the last few weeks. These for their mostly winter style beers are just as “Go Big or Go Home” as before. Are they as awesome as their predecessors? I definitely think so. See for yourself below. I’ve included the label copy for each as some of those are just as interesting as the art.

Pain – 11.2% Imperial Milk Stout.
Label copy: “You know what they say don’t you? You don’t? Do we have to explain everything? There is something definitely to gain from this PAIN, with our select combination of grans, black malt, roasted barley, Belgian Munich and milk sugar. Work though this smooth stout and you’ll appreciate the euphemism.”

Isole – 9.7% Belgian Style Dubbel Ale.
Label copy: “Feeling a bit lonely? You won’t be when you crack open a bottle of our Belgian Style Dubbel Ale. Carmel notes, a depth of sweetness and a touch of effervescence that’s great for yourself or with others.”

Apathy – 6.7% Oatmeal Stout.
Label copy: “Oh, I don’t know. It’s just that, well, it seems that maybe… What was I saying? Beat those ho-hum doldrums with a tall taste of Apathy. It’s enough to snap you out of whatever state you’re in.

Mammoth – 8.3% Weizenbock.
Label copy: “This one rises up from the depths of winter to breathe new life into the old beast (that’s you, bub). Mammoth is what the name implies and if you don’t know what that means, try a glass or two.”

Ursus – 8.9% Old Winter Ale.
Label copy: “All you keep thinking to yourself is… will this snow EVER stop? When is it going to get warm again? Before cabin fever sets in, grab a bottle or two of Ursus, our warm winter ale and get a grip, man!”

Delusion – 11.7% Imperial Cream Stout (Aged in rye whiskey barrels from Journeyman Distillery of Three Oaks, MI.).
Label copy: “Don’t be mistaken with common misconceptions pertaining to certain characteristics of other forms of refreshment. Our Imperial Cream Stout aged in rye whiskey barrels may have you pondering the randomness of the universe.”

Jadis – 6.1% Winter White Ale.
Label copy: “The cold sets in and hangs for months it seems. Everything slows down. Time warps… and you’re covered with a wash of white. Thought I meant winter, didn’t you? Jadis will take you away from winter, even if temporarily.”

Mr. Hyde – 7.8% Sumatran Coffee Milk Stout, a collaboration with the Fullerton location of Chicago’s Small Bar.
Label copy: “Honestly, we don’t know WHAT’S become of you. Did you shave your goatee? Is that a new perfume you’re wearing? Maybe it’s time for a taste of Mr. Hyde.”

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