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Hello fellow beer enthusiasts!

Recently, Andy asked me to start helping out with TheBeerIsGood, and post some beer related news, events, reviews, brewery visits, and general beer talk. After frequenting the site for a number of months now, I happily obliged.

I am currently a masters student at Notre Dame, and graduated undergrad here in May. Among other great experiences, attending school in the area introduced me to fantastic beer (first craft beer was Gumballhead, and I was immediately in love). Over time, I’ve become very involved in the craft beer scene and it has become a definite passion of mine. Hopefully through my posts I can channel some of that enthusiasm to all of you! Most of my posts will involve beer reviews, breweries and craft beer bars I have the luxury to visit, and interesting craft beer events occurring in the area (and sometimes Chicago).

For anyone that uses the site, you can find me on Beer Advocate under the username, cfrances33. As I said, I’m very excited to start posting, and I look forward to helping support the craft movement!



P.S. When posting and enjoying a beer, I’ll likely add a “now enjoying.” So for my first post, I am now enjoying a Three Floyds Alpha King!

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