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In Search of Beer: Citywide Liquors

One of my favorite things to do when I’m not spending time with my wife, kids, and friends, is to go down to the finest purveyor of great craft beer in South Bend, Citywide Liquors.

That first sentence makes it sounds like they are paying me to write about them on my blog, but unfortunately they are not. I won’t tell you the real number of trips I take to this store, but let’s just say it’s at least a few times every month. Each visit surprises me with a new beer or a new brewer that I haven’t had the opportunity to try. Sure they have all the staples like Budweiser, Coors, and Keystone, but you don’t read this blog for information on those. Their fully stocked displays contain some of my absolute favorite brewers, from Dogfish Head and Brooklyn in the East, 3 Floyds, Dark Horse and Bell’s in our area, Sierra Nevada and Stone on the west coast, and everything in between.

The rest of the iceberg from which their display is just the tip is the cooler and the variety contained within. Didn’t know about this? Why would you? Most stores show you as many of their products as possible, but this is where Citywide differs from those places… they cater to the craft beer enthusiast. Every time I’m in their store, I make a quick scan of the initial display, looking for something obviously new, but within a short time, I’m in the cooler. Cases upon cases upon cases of beer are stacked in there, knowing that people like me will buy it before it even has a chance to touch the display. Next time you are in this shop, ask someone up front if you can see the cooler, it’s even more impressive in person.

Although their other locations are fine, when you go to this store you’re getting a vast selection of craft beer and more often than not, informative conversation with some fellow beer enthusiasts. Not sure what you have a taste for? Pick and choose from their wide assortment of single bottles without having to commit to an entire six pack.

Stop by sometime and pickup something good!

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