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Historic Drewry’s Beer Reborn

This is the type of news that develops acute, localized tension in the already tight skinny jeans of Hipsters; retro beer!

If you are from the South Bend area you may remember, or have at least heard of, Drewry’s Brewing Company. At one time, they had a fairly large brewery and campus just off of Portage road, a couple blocks North of Angela Blvd. Indiana Beer Blog did a nice writeup on the history of this brewery that you should read if you have time.

Come to find out, a company based in Chicago has bought the rights to Drewry and is looking to revive the brand, (notice I said company, not brewery) with 3 beers. From what I gather, they are currently in the stages of looking for a brewery to contract with and will be available in select markets. In fact, if you are going to the South Bend Brewfest tomorrow (1/12/13), you will be able to taste one of these beers.

While I’m intrigued that someone is trying to breath life into a piece of beer history, I’m certainly left wondering what the motivation is behind this. Is it simply a company looking to cash in on a niche and the booming craft beer industry? Are they passionate about beer? As long as the beer is good, it probably doesn’t matter, but I’m looking forward to trying it for myself.

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