Founders KBS night at Fiddler’s Hearth


What’s good here? Just kidding, I’ll have the KBS.

Another great night at Fiddler’s Hearth as they tap a keg of Founders KBS, a fantastic brew of chocolate, coffee and bourbon that is very difficult to find outside of their Grand Rapids Brew Pub.

A lot of “who’s who” in the Michaina craft beer community showed up, including Matt from World Class Beverage, Ben from Indiana Beer, guys from Belmont Beverage and several other enthusiasts.

A special thanks to Jeremy (Bar Banager) and Kim (Bar Tender) from Fiddler’s for their hospitality, making a random Wednesday evening very enjoyable. By the time you read this, I’m sure KBS will be sold out, however they are THE craft beer pub in South Bend, so check them out.

In the coming week or two I will have a dedicated review of Founders KBS, along with Fiddler’s Hearth; make sure you stop back by for more!


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