Founders Brewing 15th Anniversary


This one somehow fell through the cracks with me, but the label for the 15th Anniversary Founders Beer has been released, and it’s a Barleywine called “Bolt Cutter.” Eric at Michiana Beer Nuts did a nice job of doing a writeup on this one, so check out out here.

It looks like Eric’s notion that this will be the next Backstage series release is confirmed within the press release for Frangelic Mountain Brown. Below is the relevant excerpt.

“The next beer to be released in the series later this year will be a celebration of the brewery’s fifteenth anniversary, though the beer’s style is yet-to-be revealed. The release party for this beer in November will be Founders’ first to require advance tickets.”

Whether that means any of it will be distributed though, it’s tough to say. What I do know is that I will be trying very hard to go to their Anniversary party!


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