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Founders Bolt Cutter Release Details

Today, Founders released information concerning the upcoming release of its commemorative 15th anniversary ale, Bolt Cutter (American Barleywine, 15%). This is shaping up to look like a pretty phenomenal ale, with portions of it being aged in bourbon barrels and maple syrup bourbon barrels, while the remainder was fermented through normal processes. Fermentation and blending has been finished for several months, but Founders has held on to the bottles and kegs to allow them to mature. If I say so myself, that sounds incredibly delicious.

The release is set to occur on multiple levels. First, this Saturday (October 6th) at 11am EST, tickets will go on sale that will allow you to purchase an allotment of two Bolt Cutter bottles on a specified date between Sunday, November 11th and Friday, November 16th (my birthday!!!). If you are lucky enough to score one of these tickets (250 for each day, they will go FAST), you can go buy your two bottles on the day you are assigned (and ONLY on that day). Tickets will be sold here: Bolt Cutter Ticket Sales

The next release of Bolt Cutter will be on draft at Founders 15th Anniversary Party on Saturday, November 17th at 11am in their Grand Rapids taproom. This is a free event that will operate as first come first serve. I would certainly expect this event to be crowded with a sizable line, so if you do plan on attending, arrive early.

Finally, bottles of Bolt Cutter will see normal Backstage Series distribution (this ale is in fact being considered their next installment in the series) as of November 19th. This means it will be a limited release, but should not be impossible to track down. With a little proactivity and patience, you should be able to find yourself a bottle or two.

So there you have it! Between now and December there are quite a few special releases from multiple breweries being distributed in the area. Happy hunting!

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