Founders All Day IPA


Happy New Year everyone, we here at TBIG hope you had a great holiday and capped off the year with an incredible beer.

Most of you may know by now, I have a real bug up my ass about Founders All Day IPA. I had it for the first time at Founders Fest back in June (or was it July, it’s a little fuzz). Sitting at around 4.5%, it has a ton of flavor, super smooth, and after drinking a growler of it, you shouldn’t need your stomach pumped.

With that being said, it’s going to be released in specific markets (Michigan only, it seems) 11 months out of the year, with January getting no love. The official release date is February 6th, however S.E. Michigan has seen limited quantities, due to either a mistake, or perhaps a test run. We won’t see it in Indiana, but I don’t mind going for a drive through Pure Michigan to stock up on a case or two.


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