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Flat 12 at Fiddler’s Hearth Recap

In case you missed it, there were some really great beers from Flat 12 on last night such as Winter Cycle, Big Black Dog, Walkabout, Super Bravo 46, and yes, Bleeding Heart.

Super Bravo 46, Winter Cycle and Big Black Dog were all new to me, so I made a point to sample each, while saving my B.A.C. for one of my top 10 favorites – Bleeding Heart. While I’ve never had a bad beer by Flat 12, I wasn’t a fan of the English style Super Bravo, but that’s likely due to the fact that I usually don’t like English style ales. BBD and Winter Cycle however… extremely delicious!

As you can see from the picture above, Bleeding Heart was VERY popular last night, with the keg blowing in 25 minutes and nearly non-stop pouring by the bartender.

For the first time while writing about beer, I can say that I had a hand in hyping a beer in our area with Bleeding Heart, purely by accident. When Jeremy (Bar Manager, Fiddler’s Hearth) and I visited Flat 12 for some sampling prior to “The Beer Is Good at Fiddler’s Hearth” party back in November, they poured us a glass of it while saying, “We have this IPA made with blood oranges and we think it’s a lot of fun.” From then on, Jeremy and I were hooked to the point that I even brought a growler back to South Bend to share with about 20 people, many of which also became immediate fans. When I found out that Jeremy had worked hard at getting a keg of it up here, I couldn’t wait to spread the word (or steal the keg for myself, it was a tough decision).

But I digress… Another successful evening of great craft beer from one of my favorite breweries at one of my favorite pubs. Thanks to all for coming out!

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