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Craft Beer Explosion at Martin’s Super Markets

If you’re like me, you occasionally find yourself at the grocery store to pick up the milk, eggs and fabric softener. In my experience, the only thing that can make this task less mundane is to toss in a beer run!

This is where Martin’s Super Market has excelled over the last couple of years, especially in the stores on South Bend Ave. and Heritage Square (Although Eric at Michiana Beer Nuts has praised the Goshen store as well). Before the craft beer explosion, there were only a few places in South Bend with a good selection and while those stores are still great, it’s nice to have yet another option.

The tastes of this area have evolved with regard to beer, and some of the Martin’s stores that were once known for their vast selection of Bud/Miller/Coors have evolved as well to now include quite a variety of craft breweries.

The man responsible for this, who shall remain anonymous to protect his identity from obsessive beer geeks with speed dial, has worked hard to convince his company that people really will pay $10 for a single bottle of beer. He likes beer, and although he’s not necessarily as into it as some of us, he makes sure to follow the area beer scene to keep his shelves stocked with great beer.

It has paid off…

In the past two years alone, the space dedicated to beer at the South Bend Ave store has over doubled, with even less space dedicated to the fizzy yellow stuff. You’ll find most of the favorites here now from the likes of 3 Floyds, Bell’s, Founders, Great Lakes, Stone, Goose Island, and many more. Along with the regular and seasonal lineups from these breweries, as of about a year ago, they are now one of the key spots for specialty releases as well, bottles that were typically much more difficult to find.

So when your husband/wife/life partner complains that you are spending way too much on beer, take a tip from me and hide it in the grocery budget!

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