Bell’s The Oracle in the South Bend Area


Just a quick update for everyone on Bell’s The Oracle (Double IPA, 10%). I had one last night, bottled about 2 weeks ago, and very delicious. Below are a few places you can find it in the area…

Fiddler’s Hearth (Main St., South Bend) – On tap right now, definitely won’t last long

Citywide (Grape Road, South Bend) – Only received 1 case yesterday, 2 bottle limit

Belmont (South Bend Ave, South Bend) – Only received 1 case, 3 bottle limit

Citywide (Jefferson Ave, South Bend) – I don’t think they have received their case yet, probably a 2 bottle limit

Liquor Cabinet (Hilltop Rd, St. Joe, MI) – None as of yesterday, but should be getting some soon

Constant Spring (Goshen) – Will have on tap sometime soon


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