Bell’s Hopslam to hopslam your mouth soon!


Just got word from my guy in the biz that deliveries of the oh-so-delicious and hoppy nectar from Bell’s, known as Hopslam, will be hitting stores in South Bend on Friday 1/11/12.

I did a review of this beer a couple of years ago, and I’m sure it still holds up. It’s a huge explosion of hop juice in your mouth, which gives way to sweet honey and a dash of bitterness. During a time when Stouts and Porters are prevalent, this is a great beer to break up the darkness.

There will be a cask and keg of this at Fiddler’s Hearth on January 17th at 5pm, along with 6 other hoppy Bell’s brews. I had a few glasses from the cask last year, and it really is tough to beat. It ran out within about 2 hours.


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