“Alpha King Lime is the new Bud Light Lime”


I know it’s a fairly poor picture, but what we have here is a bottle of Three Floyds Alpha King served to me with a lime in it by the staff at Hacienda on Portage Rd. in South Bend.

I’m understanding of our waitress, who seemed new, and I’ll allow not serving the bottle with a glass, neither of which were probably her fault anyway, but… Seriously? A lime in an Alpha King? For shame, Hacienda.

Showing this to Andy prompted the poignant comment that is the title of this post.

“Alpha King Lime is the new Bud Light Lime.”

We agreed that they must have received requests from customers in the past for a lime in their Alpha King, or something of that nature. There has to be a reason they thought it to be acceptable.

Either way though, still an epic fail. At least we got a good chuckle out of it.


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