3 Floyds Zombie Dust Bottle Label


Thanks to BeerNews.org, the new 3 Floyds Zombie Dust (American Pale Ale, 6.2%) label is now available. This means that we are now one step closer to one of my absolute favorite beers being released to the public on a regular basis. If you’ve never had this beer before, let me fill you in on the back story. The Breweries from Heaven and Hell decided to collaborate on a beer that came to be known as Cenotaph, and later renamed to Zombie Dust. It became so popular that the two breweries decided to sell the recipe to 3 Floyds to be bottled for the enjoyment of sinners and saints alike.

I’ve had the opportunity to try this three times, twice at Fiddler’s Hearth and once from a growler, and my addiction for this grows with each occasion.


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